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This is what happens when we send something out into the world. We want to vomit. Then hide. Maybe both. Not sure of what order.

We’re avoiding email right now, just in case there’s something in our inbox that might make our heads explode.

You see we did this: We did something that we’re really excited about. We took our conversations and turned them into an idea, then made that idea into a strategic plan, then made that plan into a logo and a name, and then made that into this website that somehow, you’ve found and our Instagram page (that you should really take a look at if you haven’t already). We did all those things. We made those happen. Even when we had soooo many other things to do and with our friendship very much intact (oh hi Amanda!!!).

And now these dreamt-up things are out there: open to judgement and criticism and sneers. Which makes us, you know, uncomfortable.

We’re hoping that doesn’t happen. We’d love for some hugs around the project, some congrats, some ‘Oh-my-Gods-I-totally-get-this’ sounds coming from somewhere. We’re really hoping you like it as much as we do. We’re totally proud that we’re doing this rather than talking about this. That we’re out of procrastination mode and into momentum mode. That those 5am starts and grabbed-at-when-possible work conversations are turning into a thing that we think is kind of special.

So now it’s here and we’re vomiting and hiding but very, very happy and excited. That’s ok, isn’t it?

Also, hi! You look nice. Stay awhile, but not sooo long that you forget to eat or sleep. That would be bad. And we’re going for good things only, so stay but with healthy boundaries and positive vibes. Though we’d hate to tell you what to do, though we probably will sometimes. Is that ok. Amanda we’re rambling. Stop  now?

Amanda Sheeren