Oh, hey!

Hi! We’re The Collective Together and we’ve been talking about launching for about 3 weeks. (Oh, yep, hi, we’re here now. Thanks for waiting.)

But why??? Why are we sitting here with these ideas that we believe in, set on launching this platform we believe in, but totally paralyzed when it comes to getting it all out into the world? (The answer is not that we’re stupid or incapable or that we’re still deeply affected by that one time our primary school art teacher sort of shrug-smiled when we handed her what can, safely, be considered one of the world’s greatest artistic executions.) No friends, it’s really not our fault (HOORAY!) or even Miss P’s (though she clearly knows NOTHING about art), the issues here stem from this pervasive, unyielding and overwhelming desire for perfection.

On social media, where it is fully in our hands to curate and display only the most perfect images and thoughts, it’s all-too-easy to think: “Oh god, we’re definitely fucking it up.” before we even begin.

But, here’s the thing: The Collective Together was born out of this desire to help people to get their ideas out into the world. (Oh the irony!)

We believe that your ideas are valid and valuable, even if you’re not spending entire days devoting yourself to them. Even if your greatest inspiration came to you while laying on the floor playing LEGO with your kids, or the moment you were rear-ended on your way to your day-job, or the moment you decided you’d “try to draw” for the first time in 10 years.

This idea that we have to be experts before we share these pieces of ourselves with the world might mean the death of creativity, will certainly be the death of our belief that we, as individuals, can be creative, and will, arguably, be the death of a representative body of creatives operating and existing in the world.

We’re going to be posting about how, as creatives (or would-be-creatives, or ex-creatives, or “I-could-never-be-considered-creative”-creatives) we can combat these self-defeating thoughts.

We think our take on the whole thing is novel and brilliant and we’ve spent lots of time staring into steamy-mirrors giving ourselves pep-talks. (It’s all very angsty and serious here.) And now we’re here to offer you this space, dedicated to the PROCESS, dedicated to the IMPERFECT, dedicated to getting your thoughts and ideas OUT, even when they’re half-baked, or all-the-way bonkers. Please, share them all! Let’s make them happen! (Or lets laugh about them, or use them as inspiration for future projects!) Let us be your steamy mirror (does this analogy hold up?) or at the very-least, let us just be there to see and hear your ideas and projects, because they matter, and not just to us, but to the world. (No pressure.)

Amanda Sheeren