Our Mission

The Collective Together was born out of the belief that creative solutions to complicated problems can only arise when all of us are invested. And not just the “all of us” who would typically find themselves on this website, or the “all” who might be reading our books, or the “all” who may have inadvertently stumbled upon our blog posts (but, hi, we love you, let’s be friends!) we mean the “all” that is truly representative of our population.

For so long, the world’s problems, solutions and innovations have been volleyed between the same limited groups of people. Affluence, privilege, access to education, all of these compounding variables separating our accepted all from the actual all.

The Collective Together was established to break down this imaginary wall, to figure out how we can develop a platform that brings people together in unexpected ways, promoting opportunities for discussion, creation and collaboration. (Whew.)

This isn’t meant to be a patronizing “let’s all come together for the common good” type plea. Behind this pretty package, we are screaming wildly for a creative infrastructure that supports all people in their pursuit of creative contribution.

Your challenge?
To bring these messages and idea into your communities. To implement programs and initiatives that are inclusive and exciting, to drop the idea that dying with your ideas clenched in your fist brings any value to the world.

So let’s ditch the notion that we were all sent here to create our individual empires (we can’t all be Beyonce, right?) and embrace the idea that together, our voices are simply more powerful (though still much less powerful than Beyonce’s).

This is The Collective Together.

So how exactly are you doing this?

We know how overwhelming it can be to get started with your creative projects, shift your mindset, start following your passions. Often times it takes more than an inspirational blog post to turn your thoughts to action. At The Collective Together we’ve designed three unique ways to engage:

Projects Tile TCT.png

The first is to check out our Projects page. Here you’ll find our Quarterly Call for Collaborative Action. (We might need to come up with something catchier, but hopefully you get the gist.) Each season we’ll post a prompt in the hopes that you’ll get involved in one of OUR projects. Whether you’re an illustrator, writer, idea generator, turtle-enthusiast, we’re confident this section will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start creating. Bonus: we have a few books/products in the works and would love to feature our favorite contributors.

Inspirations Tile TCT.png

Next, sift through our Inspirations page and check out the people who are taking their passions and running with them. We’ll have links that help you to get involved with them and their organizations, stories about how we’ve linked with them, and prompts that encourage you to start thinking about how you would affect change in the world.

Services Tile TCT.png

Third, let us help YOU get to work on your own projects. Are you stuck? Need some help redefining your vision? Branding? Web-design? Copy-writing? This is the work we do, day-in, day-out, and our passion is in helping you to find your voice and to grow your brand/mission in a way that feels good. You can check out our About Us section if want to learn more about our past/current projects.