Below you’ll find our golden rules for life/work/collaboration/friendship.

We hope it inspires you to silence your inner-critic and bear-hug your closest pal.

Bonus points if you figure out how to actually punch today in the face.

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Hi, Is this thing ON? Please don’t devote yourself to anything that compromises your values

We’ve both come to realize that the most important thing is to do work that feels right, that feels meaningful, that has a purpose, that does good. Anything that comes with that is brilliant and much appreciated (and also facilitates our coffee-shop addictions and pays our mortgages…which is nice) but the “doing good” is the main thing.

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And on that note, only do what makes YOU feel good

Do the things that you absolutely, sincerely love. Love - it’s so anti-intellectual, but Love.

We realize that this idea feels like it comes from a place of privilege. After all, how can EVERYONE afford to do what they love when there’s bills to pay and mouths to feed? The answer is simple: survival is number one, always. But survival and believing in your dreams are not mutually exclusive. Even if you have two minutes to journal or plan or plot, spend every spare moment doing the things you love. Your voice is not only valuable if you have 20 hours a week to devote to it’s refinement. Your ideas deserve just as much space as anyone else’s.


We’re all in this together

We really are in this together. And not in that ‘our spiritual-selves are all tethered in a giant ghost orgy at the center of the earth’ way. (If that is even a way?) But in a REAL, ‘we’re all seriously trying to figure this shit out, why is it so hard???’ way. Here we are with our shared dreams and ideals, so much more similar that we are different, and yet, we sit in our cubbies, alone in our commutes and worlds, and we fret and we worry, probably about the exact same things. You are already part of a Collective, you just need to look up to see it.

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We need so many different skills now to thrive. Find out exactly what you need to develop in order to put your dreams into action and set to filling in the gaps. Learn and then do. Self-teach as you go along. There is no cap on how many voices can exist…how many artists or dreamers or doers there can be. Stop thinking you’re not a part of this group and start taking action.


Stop wasting time feeling bad about something and turn it into good.

Take the time you’d usually devote to dwelling and put it towards something good. Maybe it’s starting your own business, or maybe it’s helping your kids draw pictures for the people at the elderly care home down the street. The world may be unjust, but it is always within our power to bring goodness to the forefront.

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You can get a lot done in 8 Minutes

We’re not advocating that you give up your day job and delve in, or that you do nothing. There’s definitely something in between. You don’t need copious amounts of time. What you need is about 8 minutes. That’s enough time to write a sentence, maybe even a paragraph, to draft a social media post, to send or return an email, to google a gap in knowledge. Try it now then come back.


Don’t let somebody else’s creativity hold you back

There’s room for all of our ideas. Yes, there are people who have 300,000 followers on Instagram, and wear great colorful vintage tops, and make beautiful things and seem to have an unlimited supply of hot glue. We love those people. We follow those people. But we also recognise that they don’t exist to silence you, to stop you doing your own work. That’s your responsibility. You get to be creative, too.

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Feelings of Naivety Mean the Death Of Creativity, The Absence of Risk, Stagnation in its most damning form. Don’t fall For it

The easiest way to crush someone’s idea is to bring that word in. It implies you don’t know enough. It implies knowledge-missed and wishful thinking inserted in that gap. It implies that you have no idea what you are doing. We’re giving you permission to go ahead. By all means, learn and adapt and shift your thinking or process but don’t get crushed by that one word. (And don’t get crushed by anyone who does that to you either.)

Some things are not work

Like maybe email. Even social media. Particularly finding ‘inspiration’ in the fridge. We increasingly spend our hours vollying things back and forth and we’re missing out on the deeper work - the creation and production and doing parts. Focus the time that you have on the ‘work’ bit, the real work bit, when and as you can.

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Participate + Produce

Don’t just be a consumer. Don’t live your life passively. Make something that has form and shape, that’s tangible, that you have an active relationship with. Engage where you can. Participate.


Show up as a Person

We are not products. We are also not brands (in spite of everything the internet is trying to tell us!) We are people who make and think and do and feel and get tired and hurt and can’t pick up clothes from the floor and might not want to face Instagram that day. You are a person. Focus on what you need, what you can do, what makes sense to you. Then do it. Let all the other noise that treats you as a non-person fall away.

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Don’t spiral

We know you can go down the rabbit hole of ‘research’. Knowing the gaps in your knowledge is one thing, trying to become an expert through google over a few days is maybe another. You will lose your mind. Recognise what you know. And absolutely learn, but don’t get lost. Don’t use research as a means of procrastination.

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Self-doubt is a bitch
(We highly recommend being aN even bigger bitch)

We’re not in the make-friends-with-self-doubt version of this. We’re in the I-don’t-need-you-in-my-life, you-have-nothing-to-offer-me, you’re-sort-of-a-dick and I-hate-you version. That’s one relationship we don’t want, even though she knocks on our door, and texts way too much, and tries to be besties. In a world that is always convincing us to feel like we need to improve, or be better, we are striving to say “LALALALA!” very loudly.


Believe it really has to exist

That’s the key to almost everything. Feel it in your heart. Believe that an idea just has to happen. It’s, to us anyway, that simple. They have to happen. Believe in them.

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Off the laptop and into the world

As soon as you can, hit send, or share, or post. Get your work out into the world. Don’t let it die on your laptop, in your notebook, maybe even in your head. Give it a wonderfully imperfect start in life as soon as you can.

We’re so passionate about this idea that we’ve made this FREE printable. Tape it to your face, immediately.


Friends > Projects

Though it’s the projects that we get excited about, it is always the relationship that is most important. We say this because if you are going to collaborate, if you are going to find others to work with, don’t forget that they are people, too, and we could all use a little bit of compassion.


Build up the people you love

In an ideal world, we’d all be dancing aggressively to some incredibly curated internal soundtrack (ok, it’s just Beyonce’s greatest hits on repeat) flailing wildly, unapologetically ourselves, as we scream:


In the real world, it’s a little more like we’re tip-toeing through our respective industries, hoping no one discovers that we’re nothing but imposters. Our friends are just as susceptible to self-doubt as we are (they maybe don’t know how to be bitch back, yet?) So why not buy them a cup of coffee, send them a sweet card, let them know that you think they are amazing.

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So, what’s next?

Head to Inspirations to see some amazing projects that already exist! See how other people are changing the world. We’ll help you figure out how to get involved.

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Start working on YOUR projects. (Websites like The Good Life Project and Creative Live can help you to bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to know in order to live the life you see for yourself.)

Or maybe even just say hi.