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Services, or what we can do for you

What can we do for you?
(A lot, we think.)

Design | Writing | Defining Brand Values | Idea Generation

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From websites for coworking spaces, new logos for wellbeing brands, merchandising for platinum selling bands, and marketing materials for new businesses, we love to imagine the visual possibilities for who you are and what you represent.

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We like words. All the words. We’ve written copy for websites, blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns, even The New York Times and various independent magazines. We write across subjects, including parenting, wellbeing, technology, culture, community and entrepreneurship, but we’re open to whatever you have in mind.

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Establishing Brand Values

At The Collective Together we are all about amplifying your voice, furthering your mission and helping you to reach people in a way that feels genuine and real. So often we operate one way as individuals and a completely different way as professionals. Our creative consulting services were designed to help individuals, businesses and budding brands to close that gap by redefining values and establishing business plans that align who you want to be, with who you are.

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The Collective Together started from a single idea: that we need to get our ideas out of our laptops and into the world. We realized that we had tons of ideas about products, services and creative projects that we felt we were missing in our own lives. We also realized that these same ideas die if we don’t allow them the space to thrive. The generative phase of an endeavor excites us, rather than terrifies us, particularly if we allow for the conditions for ideas to matter. Want to brainstorm together?